Ingredients and Measuring

1. Weather conditions, season, altitude, all can affect the dough. I like to measure the exact amount of water in a measuring cup and then scoop out one Tablespoon. I add to the mix the ½ cup water sans 1 Tablespoon, eggs, oil, and honey, where the recipe calls for it. I mix for about a minute, until the ingredients come together. If the dough separated from the bowl and it looks grainy and dry, I add the 1 Tbsp. water I omitted. Our mixes normally don’t need extra water. If you find that the dough is too dry, always add water by the teaspoon.

2. To activate the yeast, the water should be warm. Hot tap water works well. Otherwise, use a liquid thermometer to make sure temperature is at 110-115 F.

3. Use only Large eggs.

4. Eggs should be at room temperature. They will come to room temperature faster if placed whole cold eggs in a bowl of very warm tap water for about 5 minutes. Or, crack the cold eggs and place in a bowl on the counter (remember to separate one egg white for the egg wash, as instructed on the box).

5. When the recipe calls for honey, measure the oil first, and then use the same Tablespoon to measure the honey. This way, the honey will slide off the Tablespoon easily and you will get an accurate measure of the honey.

6. The dough will be a bit sticky. Make sure to oil the bowl and your hands. The dough handles beautifully when hands are oiled.

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