Tribes-A-Dozen’s Voilà! Hallah is an all-natural, Kosher line of traditional bread mixes created especially for busy home bakers. Gathering your family together in the kitchen to recreate long lost traditions is now even easier thanks to modern convenience.

We support you in bringing whole, healthful foods to your table, with much less fuss and sweat than your great-grandmother did. Our mixes are easy to prepare with plenty of kid-friendly steps.

From our Founder & President, Leah Hadad:

I’m a traditionalist at heart. I’ve always baked from scratch, even as a child growing up in Israel. I just loved the experience of baking; it helped me feel connected to family, traditions, and gave me a sense of wellbeing.

I grew up into a thoroughly modern woman with a busy professional and family life, wearing so many hats – wife, mother, lawyer, volunteer. Over the years, I lapsed into being an ‘occasional baker’ – only on holidays and birthdays would I tie my apron strings. I felt a bit guilty about that, but figured something had to give. We sometimes sacrifice what’s meaningful to serve what’s practical and efficient.

Then, after a health crisis, I began baking Hallah each week for Shabbat dinner. It was then that I experienced firsthand the healing power of baking bread. When I shared the Hallah I baked (my ‘healing Hallah’), I saw the joy on my family’s, friends’, and neighbors’ faces, and I wanted to give more of that into the world. The experience of breaking bread together — beautifully crafted, nourishing, wholesome bread — satisfies a deep urge in us to connect to something we have lost or given up.

When I realized that the people I loved wanted more of this experience, I had my a-ha! moment — or what I call, Voilà! Hallah. I wanted to make it easy for families and individuals of all faiths, cultures, and origins to make and enjoy traditional egg bread together — to connect us to our past, connect with each other, and connect our children to their future with their own families.

And thus, Tribes-A-Dozen came to be. And here you are. I’m so glad you’re here.

The whole of creation is locked in a loaf of bread — the sun and the rain, the earth and the sea, fire and wind. And the mysterious world of the unseen — the organism that makes it rise and smell heavenly. From the grower to the miller to the mixer, sweat and ingenuity transform the fruit of the earth into something nourishing and delicious. Bread, no small miracle.

— Leah Hadad, Founder & President, Tribes-A-Dozen

Leah Hadad is Founder & President of Tribes-A-Dozen. She resides with her family in Washington, D.C, where she also practiced as attorney at law before founding Tribes. A self-taught baker and cook, she delights friends and family at gatherings and dinner parties with her traditional recipes skillfully and lovingly adapted for the modern day home cook. She believes that baking bread is a spiritual experience that defines our humanity.

Tribes-A-Dozen is available for sale to the public in stores, via, and via Abe’s Market.

To learn about our nationwide distribution, please go to our Buy page. Help us spread the joy of baking Hallah bread at home. Ask your grocer to carry our products.